What happens next?

K-loan helps finance assistive technology and other durable medical equipment such as Lift Chairs, Power Wheelchairs, Home Modifications (ramps, walk-in bathtub, enlarge doorways, etc.), Communication Devices, Hearing Aids, Adapted Vehicles, as well as other durable medical or assistive technology for Kansans of any age with any type of disability or health condition.


What happens next? A K-LOAN specialist will call you to answer any questions you have about the K-LOAN program. If you know what you need, but want some help deciding on just the perfect one for you, just ask. With the support of a statewide network of Assistive Technology specialists, we can help you assess your needs and balance your wants to pick the best choice for you. Just ask us for a demonstration of products to help you make your decision. But the assistance doesn’t stop there!


K-LOAN staff will help you every step of the way through your application process. We are glad to help you work through the loan application, but first, if you like, we’ll look high and low, public and private, for grant opportunities to help you fund part of your purchase.


And when you’re ready and you’ve identified the item you want to purchase and all of the outside funding opportunities have been tapped, then K-LOAN staff will help you complete the loan process.


And our support does not stop there. K-Loan is in your corner. We want you to have the assistive technology you need and we’re here to help! Call us at (866) 465-2826 and ask for K-LOAN.

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